On the Leading Edge: Finding Your Road to Joy and Passion for a Fulfilled Life

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I believe, based on quantum principles, that our true nature is to easily create all we dream. 

Living Co-creatively is dedicated to leading-edge concepts and practices to help you create the life of your dreams.

My doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change, is a field of adult education, and many other areas of study, formal and informal. I am able to help you recognize dreams and passions and together we work to manifest them into reality. I have world wide experts in many fields available and years of research background.

I am able to gently help you draw dreams and passions out and begin processes towards their manifestation.

I predict that you will be amazed and the work is intentionally fun. In fact, the focus of our “work” is your natural state of joy. “Work” arises from inspiration, and you feel drawn forward. When we align with our imagination, anything is possible, even physical healing and creating wealth. You were born to create!  And your imagination is your greatest ally.

Contact me by phone at 831-236-6904 or fill out the contact page to schedule a clarity consult by phone.

We all resist so much goodness in life!

If you can ALLOW  inner guidance, you will be amazed at what you will create for yourself. As phenomenology teaches, in defining and recognizing differences we define ourselves.

I serve your passions even while mine may differ. In fact, we will both learn; that is why I call this co-learning.

This is an investment that I assure you will transform any area of your life.

You can read Eric Schmidt of Google on the value of coaching here. Coaches use a broad array of resources and advocate for you!