wild orchid

wild orchid

As I dig for wild orchids
in the autumn fields,
it is the deeply-bedded root
that I desire,
not the flower.
–Izumi Shikibu, Ink Dark Moon

Intending Well-being for All

I am here to inspire YOU, based on my doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change, scientifically and psychologically valid ways towards learning to be YOUR OWN WELL-BEING ADVOCATE in almost any area of your life.

Some Examples:

Health Issues
Emotional Well-being
Non-traumatizing trauma relief, including PTSD

Creativity Development
Specialized research, includes learning what research models are and how they can bring results to your dreams/plans

Business Development
Resources and referrals to world leaders in your area of interest
Parenting: See recent post and my new book on Amazon

Attracting love

Well-being for all is a basic intention of my services. My personal passion in life is moving towards astonishing results. The well-being I am speaking of includes knowing happiness, health and prosperity. These three categories, in whatever form you bring them, will help us name and serve your needs and wants to discover results that satisfy. I have overcome much and offer my own experiences and education to help you manifest well-being.

I offer consultations towards “digging out” your dreams easily, with joy, and assisting you towards manifestation, results, that may even be more than you expect (I find this is common).

My studies have given me bag full of practices; love and friendship are my most important tools. Some call this coaching. I feel and learned that doing this as co-learning is extremely powerful; you actually learn how-to do for yourself; you get results, resources and satisfying outcomes.

There is no mumbo-jumbo of therapy; you become empowered and a hero. I saw the power of this straight-forward process when I became a hospice volunteer and the process was education about what they might expect in their futures; we learned together. The friendships of the group was the therapy. (Yes there were ministers for real emotional crises.)

What area would you like to manifest results in your well-being? I have “been there and done that” and  I can offer some tricks you may not know. With my deep background in research, we can find answers. Together, we co-create your well-being.

Here are some kind words from a current client. We are definitely co-learning; he is brilliant.

I have known Nancy Peden for several years and I have hired her to provide independent contract services for my solo law practice.  Nancy Peden is intelligent, creative, and thoughtful.  She is very good freelance researcher and teacher, especially in the field of online learning and cooperative learning.  She knows a wide variety of meditation practices and relaxation techniques and she has helped me improve and deepen my own meditation practice.  I would strongly recommend that you hire Nancy Peden.”

About Me

My name is Nancy Ellen Peden, nee Frye/Fadioni. The ancient Japanese poem above has long-held deep meaning for me. I dig deep for especially meaning in life and I relish life in all its glory. Life has been challenging yet privileged; full of travel and learning.

I am honored to know many famous, and some infamous, teachers. As a teacher, I prefer, from my commitment to Co-operative Inquiry, to call myself a co-learner and a peer. The herons you see dancing are icons of mine; birds able to stand above the muck and catch nourishment.

Coming from an Italian/Irish immigrant family, I have the highest level of education besides my MD dad, now long gone. I did not finish my doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change (www.ciis.edu) due to cancer.

My research and 300 pages of dissertation delved into The Experience of Power in Women. Little did I know that I would my life long subject. My PhD was halted due to cancer and then a genetic disease diagnosis.

Learning how to thrive in very challenging situations, I became knowledgeable about genetics and epigenetics. I have educated doctors. My undergraduate work is in botany. I graduated summa cum laude. Herbs and natural supplements became more passions.

My studies have included three schools of Buddhism, extensively. Teaching a challenging multicultural, liberal arts and technology-driven college courses I was told I teach difficult things well. 

I am an affiliate of The Kresser of Institute of Functional Medicine, a leader in personalized healthcare. We are now able to increase well-being in amazing easy ways, including longevity and issues dealing with aging such as forms of dementia.

I have marketed specialty businesses and sold three homes for cash. I have done web-development for a prestigious non-profit. Leading a team, I helped the Denver Botanic Gardens raise a great deal of money in 3 days. Volunteering in Hospice bereavement and historical preservation have also been passions.

I intend to help you turn dreams, that you may call problems, into manifested real results. We co-create your dreams into manifestation. 

Your investment:  Sliding Scale. By phone, Zoom or Face to Face if near Rio Rancho, NM.

Contact me: np@living-co-creatively.com

With warm regards,


N. Peden Portrait

N. Peden Portrait