Heron Standing Proudly

Heron Standing Proudly

Alive and Thriving!

“I knew illness because I knew wellness.
I knew hate because I knew love and joy.
I now choose well-being in all of my life.”
NP, 2017

Welcome to Living Co-creatively. I am here to teach YOU, based on my doctoral work in Transfomative Learning and Change, scientifically and psychologically valid ways towards learning to be YOUR OWN WELLNESS ADVOCATE in almost any area of your life.

Students have told me I “teach difficult things well” and that I am one of the best multicultural teachers they have ever had. (Fact: Nature requires diversity to thrive.)  I am also very passionate regarding social justice and try to give more than you expect, ways to work with your well-being that are cheap or even free. Right now my rates are very reasonable. To make and appointment go here. We will work by phone for now and face to face if you live in the Rio Rancho area of NM.

I believe you’ll be amazed at the power you have to align with what your dreams. Isn’t it time you reclaim your OWN authority and create the life you want?

Above all, I practice co-operative and co-creative processes. I have experienced immense challenges and enormous transformation in my life and I offer my lived experience to you in all areas of your interest. So if you have interest,  I offer you your own lab coat, monk’s robe or spa bathrobe as we co-inquire and co-create.

What You Will Discover Here

While my recent research, studies, practices and personal healing, focused on genetics, nutrition, supplements and non-toxic products, I now have experienced and moved into epigenetics, the field that teaches that disease is both nature and nurture and that our well-being is damaged, as mine was, by the environment. And still, bodies, minds, and spirits heal and greatly assisted, by newly feeling nurtured, recognizing our true nature and power to change. We can heal on a cellular level, experiencing well-being. I am already feeling immense results and much I will share with you here and is freely given.

General Layout and Intentions

Products. I will probably have many categories so you may find issues relevant in many areas covered by one post. If any products you read about are of interest and you click on them on this site, and then buy whatever you decide, I will get a commission as this is an Amazon affiliate site. Items will be added as I find the quality I want for us all and if you enter Amazon via this blog I earn a little no matter what you purchase.

Services are phone consultations, in almost any area. Phone now; face to face if near Rio Rancho NM.  My doctoral work is in Transformative Learning and Change and I assure you I know transformation from the inside out. I have experienced and healed issues many have never had to face. Make an appointment here or email me.

Information, Leading Edge, Lots of It

Free, based on my research, experience and relationships with practitioners and practices. Feel free to email if you need a referral. I will have sources domestically and internationally to offer you.

I have just published my first book, Who’s in Charge of My Life? A program to teach young people the joy of learning. Share it with your child or group; only 58 pages and a fun read; full of resources.
Please subscribe to updates on the right side here and  you may email me at info@living-co-creatively.com and I will respond by email asap.

You will find pages on foundational theories and practices I use including:

Co-operative Inquiry
Quantum Theory
Genetics and Epigenetics

These are all fields I have studied within formally or informally. I graduated summa cum laude in horticulture and have long had a deep commitment to living a non-toxic, environmentally sensitive life, co-created by many you will meet including philosophers, practitioners, products, and practices, to help us all living on the leading edge of consciousness and wellness. 

I send warm feelings to all. Times may feel challenging, yet here on the leading edge, we are co-creating at an amazing pace. Join us. Together we heal and together we learn and transform, always becoming more. We exist in a truly magical and divine universe.

Connect now via two more sites:
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From Einstein (and many others): “…matter is made out of energy.” 

Pam Grout, X2, page 3

Here is a group of books that are fun and easy on beginning to recognize our quantum reality.