Golden Sun on Sea

Golden Sun on Sea

For Our Spirits: Inspirational Divination Cards

This post is of particular joy for me. It is about tarot card like inspirational cards. I have used them for years especially after meditation. Symbols, like poetry, reach much deeper into our senses, often beyond words. They can be guidance and they can be hugely synchronistic, like the two days in a row that I got Abundance from my current deck. I did not get rich but my days were definitely focused on the abundance of life everywhere.

In my field of Transformative Learning and Change, we are taught many methods to help adults learn to make meaning. Even though my school,, is a school of East West Learning, we did not focus greatly on what I now call the receptive mode which some say occurs in meditation. We did use transpersonal psychology, which is a Carl Jung term meaning we are all a part of a greater field of consciousness. Quantum Reality now has basically taken over the field, letting us all understand we are made of particles and waves and are stardust.

Participatory Reality, which I took on as a spiritual inquiry using Co-operatve Inquiry, was my focus. Basically it proposes that reality is an unknowable mystery best treated with great reverence. I love poetry, metaphors and the field of semiotics (the science of signs and symbols of all kinds) in general because these methods engage our imaginations and each of us can project and sense our own meaning; little is literal, all could be said to be very personal.

This imaginal knowing in my view is much more real than our daily challenges. These imaginal knowings can lift us up and beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary where dreams may be recognized. So my daily cards aid me greatly in knowing beyond the usual mode of thought. You might like it to for adding some depth and zest in your day. Here are some of my favorite decks.

Jamie Sams Medicine cards

This is an absolute dear deck to me and would be a great one for kids. You can pill a single card or make layouts for predictions and totems. I have the Otter in my middle of my totem; this is feminine playfulness and fits me well. I love feeling this. As my deck is in storage I can’t share a picture and I do want to respect Sams’ copyright.

Mother Peace Tarot Cards and Books

This deck and astrology books are exquisite. Astrology done by my dear teacher Vicki Noble and art done by her old friend Karen Vogel. The cards are round and each one transforms male based tarot images into teachings of Goddess culture and female power. Very refreshing to see some old icons turned feminine. Recently Vogue magazine and designer’s for Dior chose Mother Peace as the basis for new fashion. Click here for google images of both clothes and fashions and a bit more. And click here for a story on Karen and Vicki and a slide show. Needless to say I love this deck!

Angelic Messenger Cards

This is the deck, by Meredith L. Young-Sowers is the one I now use as I have traveled and these “appeared” at a holistic medicine center in Vermont, not far from the author’s home. As a degreed horticulturist, I had to have these and I love them and the often resonate with other teachings I am following.

Getting into the Vortex Cards

These are cards I just ordered as I am studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I expect these to be quite challenging because they teach “alignment” with our true self, the self that follows feelings and resonance with divine reality and it is not easy. Our chatty minds can very much lead us astray.


You may call this all silly but I see all this as tools to well-being. Anything that helps me learn beyond the ordinary I welcome. I hope you do too. There are many other decks that are beloved by many. Here is a link to other tarot cards on Amazon; there are some classics there and if you dig deeper, you may find a deck that “calls” to you.

Thanks for considering all this. May you find your own magical path to well-being. Here are some books I like.