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Sleeping Baby Knows How
Sleeping Baby Knows How


In this post I hope to share some of my sleep “experiments” and what has helped. First understand, I know my genetic base well and while I feel this is changing especially as I grow into more self esteem and a sense of safety, using especially meditation, I still generally take my nigh time supplements. Genetically, I am labeled as not a good sleeper. Epigentically, as I heal myself, my sleep is much better. Some nights I forget to drink my sleep brew!

My General Supplement Guidelines (this is not just for insomnia).

Always, always, buy SINGLE ELEMENT supplements, never “proprietary blends” that may contain herbs or vitamins you do not want. (There is a rage for “stacking” now and this can create great, useful combos, but only buy from really clean sellers.)

Buy organic and non-gmo if possible. Amazon is very good with this, though they do not carry all I use. When you search a supplement, always put “organic” of non-gmo in with your search terms.

ALWAYS read the ingredients. Not listed? Do not buy. Best brands will emphasize how “clean” and approved by various organizations their products are. This also means generally, they have NO EXCIPIENTs, which refers to item one. Excipients are fillers like stearates and others. I stay away from those unless I have no choice.

Look for the best price and be sure to see if shipping is included. Supplementation (often called “biohacking” now) is expensive but there are some tricks to get the price down. I will Share those next. Of course, using Amazon Prime is one of the easiest ways if you can afford and often they run specials on Prime. Right now they have 30 day free deal. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. Prime shipping is free, two day.

Use free discount searching apps. My favorite is Honey. You can find it online and in your systems app shop, free. It works great on many many sites and when you put something in your cart, it searches to make sure you have the lowest price. Amazon often has items from other vendors, and Honey. changes it out in your cart.

An app I am not fond of is Wikibuys but you may like it. The problem with Wikibuys is there are no reruns and no customer service; their price are often great so if it is a product you know you like, try it.

Lastly I like Coupons at Check Out but it is not as good as Honey. I see this whole supplement thing as full of social justice issues. Manufacturers and practitioners should have low income programs, just as drug companies do. Big Alt Medicine has arrived. And it is not cheap.

Next, Supplements I Use for Sleep.
 on genetic practitioner advice but generally safe for you to try)

Remember: ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT USING ALL CLEAN NATURAL PRODUCTS IS THAT THEY ONLY EFFECT YOUR BODY FOR 4-6 HOURS. With NO excipients to make them long lasting, you are safe to try. Start with a small bottle.

At night I take in a tall glass of water: 2 scoops lysine by Nutra Bio
Lysine assists in many ways; you can read the specs. I take it with Source Naturals Co-enzymated b6 (aka p5p) 25 mg. and is involved in many functions, especially nervous system. It is put under your tongue, to melt. I also use Source Naturals Co-enzymated b2.  B2 is also under the tongue and has many functions including reducing blood pressure.

With this in my water, I take the queen of anxiety/insomnia supplements, totally approved by the NIH at very high doses, as in grams of powder, for ANXIETY (you can search that.). Bestselling psychiatrist, Kelly Brogan, recommends it for many mental conditions. I see doses of 6 grams to 12. I think I have seen as high as 18 grams. I currently take

All of the above, especially lysine and b6, are due to my very serious anxiety from trauma and genetics of high glutamate, which is a excitatory neurotransmitter. (BTW, if you get gitters taking any of the many protein powders, especially whey, realize they all, even pea, contain glutamine which raises glutamate. (For those that can, L glutamine, (L is natural form, D is synthetic) may do great things. I cannot go near them. All I have suggested are general ANXIETY REDUCERS and insomnia supplements.

High Histamine

If you wake up hot, you may be having an allergic reaction to something environmental. You may not recognize this as sleep disturbance. Generally this involves the DAO gene, although sensitivities are much more complex. You can take a DAO enzyme but I think you will find the best from Seeking Health very expensive. While Seeking Health supplements are truly great, they are expensive. I happen to stumble on Benadryl as impacting DAO so that is what I use. Clear not dyed, if possible. And, be aware 50 mg. (2) is all the body can absorb and you may find them great insomnia supplements.. A wonderful site, Self Hacked has more than you ever want to know about histamine intolerance. So if you tend to over heat, I would read Self Hacked and research more, but this disturbs my sleep depending on my diet.

Magnesium Threonate (note some people have other genetic issues and ANY form of magnesium will not useful; test with a small amount)

Magnesium threonate is a new form of magnesium recommended for day or night and said to still the mind. I am addicted to it as I tend to obsessive thoughts and worries at night though this is lessening as I make sure to go to sleep with positive thoughts. While I think this is a great product I had one friend have very negative reaction and others say it does nothing. Start out small. The normal does is 144 mg. x 3. I take 6 now. As it is expensive I will link you to pages of them and you can choose, just choose clean and read Amazon reviews. Amazon also sells multi packs that may save money.

There are More Options

Some will ask of many other products that work work for them but they do not work for me like GABA or serotonin. My best advice is try small amounts, use mostly single elements so you can recognize what works. I take a great probiotic, Prescript assist, and I mix up my probiotics and I have been tested, I have tons of GABA and serotonin in my body but I don’t convert them. According to one Doctor, whose book on brain issues is a bible, if you get ANY effect form taking GABA you may have leaky brain barrier and that is not something you want. So I suggest you try some of my suggestions and skip GABA. Serotonin is easily added via L. reuteri in a probiotic.

So, do as I suggest in Part I and create bed time as a truly lovely special time; go to sleep feeling good and wake up felling good.

I invite your questions and challenges on any I have posted. As I say, these are things that work for me. We are each unique. Start low and go slow, we say in one of genetic forums I participate in, Phoenix Rising, a great brilliant resource for much more than they say in their label. Sign up for free, introduce yourself in the forums, seniors may help and then use the search for almost anything health related. Truly brilliant.

Sweet dreams all. Contact me with questions, np@living-co-creatively.

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Traditionally, I would be called a teacher, based on my high level of education and experience. Using leading edge practices, concepts, and products including quantum and co-operative inquiry methods, I see our time together as co-learning; the web and culture likes "coach", so be it. In co-op inquiry and in Buddhist terms, there is no teacher except the Self. Therefore, I call myself a researcher and co-learner into quantum processes based on current and ancient sciences that can transform lives. We need only a little time to do this and I offer ongoing support as needed. My motto is, together, we heal and together we learn and co-create a world of joy and peace. I currently live in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. I grew up in the enchanted lands of the Monterey Peninsula, between the birthplaces of many leading edge beings and processes, Big Sur (Esalen) and San Francisco, where I completed 24 hours of a 36 hour Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change at CA Institute of Integral Studies. My interests and my passions are deep. I embrace life and know transformation very personally.

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