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A Time of Brilliance

Living a Good Life is an Art

Many who read this may never have imagined, nor felt any intention for themselves to live life as an artist or a creative person: yet we each, by nature’s design, have this capacity. And there may have met only with frustration as they seek their dream life; they recognize it takes practice.

I believe, based on ancient and modern intentions and principles of relationship, that our true nature is to easily create all we dream. Imagination is how we co-create the world.

Living Co-creatively in a relationship with you or your group, explores leading-edge concepts and practices to help you create the life of your dreams.

Gentle Intentions

Together we name your dreams and passions we begin joyful processes towards their manifestation. Together we have a worldwide team and in time you will learn you have infinite potential.

I predict amazement at how the work is intentionally fun. The focus of our “work” is your natural state of joy. “Work” arises from inspiration, and you feel easy, energetically, drawn forward. When we align with our imagination, anything is possible, even physical healing and creating wealth. You were born to create!  And your imagination is your greatest ally.

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Even Icarus flew.” — Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven