wild orchid
wild orchid: co-create!

As I dig for wild orchids
in the autumn fields,
it is the deeply-bedded root
that I desire,
not the flower.
–Izumi Shikibu, Ink Dark Moon

Here I present some of the services I offer and ways we may work together for those who are dedicated to transforming their lives. Only our imaginations limit us if we are authentically seeking joy and manifestation. Must be open to embracing change.

Opportunities for Learning the Art of Co-creation

I have 5 different opportunities to work together, generally by zoom, face to face, email and phone. As I have been creating, re-creating my own life and helping others, we have all been amazed. We live inspired and easily move into the manifestation of dreams. As they say, this stuff works! And as some students say, I teach hard things well.

All services are GIFT based. Pay what you are able or pass a gift on to someone else.


Opportunity 1: An Invitation to Co-inquire

This is a chance to get an overview of my basic concepts and practices that if you keep at them will literally change your life. This is CORE to all the work and has helped in most areas of life including trauma. It also gives you a chance to envision your dreams and intentions and to practice with my support.

This opportunity may be all you need to go on your way and I will do all I can to fulfill this.


Opportunity 2: Co-creating Your Dreams

If you already know your intentions and do not need Opportunity 1, come on, I will give most of that here and we together will work to fulfill your dream. I have worked in many fields and have renown connections worldwide. I have sold three homes for cash, I have marketed for non-profits and for-profits and even won awards. I have published a book and am ready for my next one. One client, out of time together, landed on retirement plans for 3 books.


Opportunity 3: Custom Research in Almost any Field and Referrals if I am not able to Fulfill.

I am a social researcher though I read some quantitative research and most importantly can help you decide on the VALIDITY of the research which in today’s world is getting very challenging.

I will now as it is so needed, also consult and participate in citizen science and Co-operative Inquiry which has powerful potential for deep democracy and the ending of authoritarianism. See


Opportunity 4: Learning to Love Learning for Youth and Elders.

This can be done individually and is great for teens who want a safe place to recognize their gifts. Or we can meet online as a group. A limit of 8-12 enrolled if done as a class. We will use my book, Who’s in Charge of My Life? Discovering the Magic of Learning with Yourself and Others: An Experiential Education Program for All Ages is available on Amazon and most outlets. The book is 58 pages full of fun resources using all evidence-based practices that teach independence/love of self and the miracle of co-creating based on connectivity. Kids love it.


Opportunity 5: Wellness Education and Advocacy in all Areas of Life, Intending Living and Dying with Joy and Dignity.

I am trained though not certified by two world-renown nutritionists. As I have a genetic disease that makes me very sensitive, I have had to spend a lot of money and research on how to live a good life based on joy and the more I work it, the more I heal.

I have also assisted in dying and bereavement; I have been an advocate for those dying. I find it a privilege. I can help you make plans including naming an advocate, deciding on a POLST method and even connect you with doctors and lawyers that can protect your estate for those left behind including the less than able.


I am here to inspire YOU, based on my doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change, how to create, using many ancient, scientifically and psychologically valid ways towards learning to be YOUR OWN CREATIVE ADVOCATE towards your dreams in almost any area of your life.

My life experience and studies have given me a bag full of practices; love and friendship are my most important tools. Some call this coaching. I feel and learned that doing this as co-learning is extremely powerful; you actually learn how to do for yourself; you get results, resources, and satisfying outcomes.

There is no mumbo-jumbo of therapy; you become empowered, a hero and your own authority.

From a client: “I have known Nancy Peden for several years and I have hired her to provide independent contract services.  Nancy Peden is intelligent, creative, and thoughtful.  She is a very good freelance researcher and teacher, especially in the fields of online learning and cooperative learning. She knows a wide variety of meditation practices, philosophy, and relaxation techniques and she has helped me improve and deepen my own meditation practices and focus on my dreams being realized. I have learned a great deal. I am now inspired to move forward on three long hoped-for books to be published and being involved with Nancy’s own publishing has increased my knowledge greatly.I would strongly recommend that you engage with Nancy Peden.”

You may now follow me on MEDIUM. And I have just begun a newsletter intending a return to civility on Substacks. Its free or you can support as you feel called: REFLEXIVITY.

Contact me: TEXT: 831-233-2185 or use the Contact form on this site.

With warm regards,

N. Peden Portrait
N. Peden Portrait