Politics and Climate: Bill McKibben in the Guardian 3/11/22

‘Autocrats are often directly the result of fossil fuel. Composite: The Guardian/Getty Images

I have long respected Bill McKibben’s efforts to save the planet, as a journalist, activist, and organizer from long back now. I highly recommend following him on Twitter.

I have been suggesting autocrats (generally the right-wing) in the US move out of the US and away from our money and politics. As Noam Chomsky suggests in a recent Al Jezera interview, the right is not interested in a functional democracy. I agree.

And now I have been studying forms of narcissism and a few things we can expect especially from the most malignant forms is that they seek to control and dominate (not up for voting) and ultimately they intend destruction. They have no empathy. They are incurable. I am not making this up. A great deal we know now. Ask Mary Trump and join us with Dr. Les Carter on YouTube with his Surviving Narcissism videos. Carter and I share similar backgrounds in developmental psychology. This is not just name-calling. We learn to be more decent humans when we recognize abuse in ourselves and in our world.

To get back to McKibben’s brilliant article connecting autocrats, fossil fuels, planetary destruction, and democracies as our best option for cleaning up and putting them out of business. I love lucid writing that makes sense, is plain and simple; highly detailed. This article was published in the Guardian a new generation publication well worth supporting and is a part of Covering Climate Now as McKibben mentions.

Here is a link to McKibben in the Guardian. Putin’s war shows autocracies and fossil fuels go hand in hand. Here’s how to tackle both.

Here are some of McKibben’s books on Amazon. I cut my environmental teeth on one of his earliest, Deep Economy.

Here is the Bill McKibben Page on Amazon. An amazingly prolific writer and servant to the Earth.

I hope you have learned and felt some hope from Bill’s passion and my love of lifelong learning and social activism. May we all make better choices every day. Freedom isn’t free. YOU and Me, we all make a difference. Choose differently, please.

This meme from Terence McKenna has been a long-time favorite.


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