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In college, studying phenomenology, which I loved, the class so liked my paper, that we ended up calling our conversations effing the ineffable, meaning trying to say what really cannot be put into words, wanting to get to a feeling beyond words. Poetry and all forms of art do this and so the paper opened with paintings by a friend as well as moments in time when we are literally left speechless. This post is actually a test of my redesigned site and the point here is feeling touched can be truly divine and ecstatic.

I was called in high school kinesthetic and haptic by a beloved art teacher and I still love hugging. Both mean I learn through the experience of touch. I found later that I also loved role-playing and so included putting on a play in my book, Who’s in Charge of My Life? a group play, building a stage, using clothes from a trunk, and touching and being touched by it all. This is experiential learning, taking the lesson shared and bringing it to life. I assure you this is tons of fun and schools use it in many ways.

Back to feeling touched. Someone can say they love you and if it also accompanied by an authentic hug, how much more do we feel those words? And some, due to past experiences may not resonate just yet with this idea of being touched as they are unable to live in the NOW where joy resides. While a challenge with some, over time some changes can occur. And “touching” can be simply deeply an internal feeling in response to the most simple or profound experience, like watching a great movie.

More and more I am hearing of the importance of writing down your dreams and wants and the steps your imagination/vision is taking towards your dream. I keep a journal and write down dreams, longings, and learnings. Most of all I have written and pictured has manifested.

This is a test post btw and may be extended in the future.

This page includes two memes I created as I felt touched and inspired.

Live as an Artist
Live as an Artist

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