The Radical Act of Action and Reflection: Who are You?

The Radical Act of Action and Reflection: Who are You? Acting with awareness especially with others is not taught much in schools except indirectly. The Radical Act of Action and Reflection: Who are You? intends to very simply point to this gap and offer some simple ways to become more reflective of ourselves and our world, […]

The Most Basic, “Free” Epigenetic Healing: Water

The Most Basic, Free Epigenetic Healing Agent: Water Note: as I update today this post on WATER, the government has ended all protections and the EPA is basically destroyed. I cannot even keep up with the news. Water as medicine? I hope I have simply explained the leading edge science of epigenetics earlier. No geneticist […]

Phenomenology: You Get to Choose

  Phenomenology: You Get to Choose I loved learning of the science phenomenology in college especially because I attended a school of East-West philosophy, CA Institute of Integral Studies.  The school and my doctoral studies in psychological transpersonal phenomenology fit very well with my years in Buddhism. In a nutshell, phenomenology arose after the Enlightenment, when […]

For Our Spirits: Inspirational Cards

This was a lot of fun to write. It is about my enjoyment of learning from divination tools, like cards. One set, Mother Peace was used to design Dior clothes and is currently featured in Vogue. I love al forms of imaginal knowing, that is metaphoric and symbolic and poetic that reach beneath our egos to help us learn. My favorite cards and books are mentioned and I am about to test out the Abraham Hicks Vortex deck which is said can be challenged depending on your state of becoming. I learned lots of transpersonal psychology and now I include the quantum and the participatory.

Body Shop: Aromatherapy for Beginners

Beginners Mind: Aromatherapy Aromatherapy seems very popular now and many friends are selling various brands. Here I introduce two aromatherapy/ essential oil sites that I think are best. I have a degree in horticulture and healing and relaxing with herbs and flowers deeply appeals to me at the soul level. Currently, I use bergamot as […]

Bébés!: Nurturing Our Most Precious Youth

Nurturing Our Most Precious Youth As many of my friends know, I am a Crone with no youth or children of my own. I have never had a child. Doctors said it would be anatomically difficult and I was very clear that I did not want to pass on my family dysfunction that was well-off […]

Body: Sleep Better with Help Part II of Insomnia

  Note: This is Part II  of INSOMNIA, C/PTSD AND NIGHTMARES: HEALYOURSELF   In this post I hope to share some of my sleep “experiments” and what has helped. First understand, I know my genetic base well and while I feel this is changing especially as I grow into more self esteem and a sense of […]