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Meditation: Free Healing into Well-being

Note: I just received this paper on DNA changes due to meditation.

What Is the Molecular Signature of Mind–Body Interventions? A Systematic Review of Gene Expression Changes Induced by Meditation and Related Practices

Social justice and the high cost of natural healing upsets me greatly. Many naturopaths and functional doctors are millionaires now and out of reach for most of us. And I hope it is clear now I believe big med and big pharma make us more ill; they are not in the business of healing at all. So here I present several pieces of evidence that meditation can heal.

My Return to Meditation

I am a long time meditator, over 30 years in many schools, mostly Buddhist and specifically Zen so I feel well able to report here to you. You are welcome to email me for more guidance. I will share several here.

Several months ago in a time of high stress, after I had lost my home and my many meditation cushions were put in storage, I took a risk and invested in the Buckwheat Hull Zafu you see  above. And I began a trauma workshop thinking I had an illness that needed therapy but a couple of things made me change my mind, I left the trauma group and re-committed to meditation. I  made sure I had the Insight timer app on my phone.

Using the app, I let my intuition lead me to a meditation by Shakti Sutriasa, for prosperity and soon found myself looking up her blog and trying some of her processes. I fell upon a process to try 40 days of mantra, a chanted meditation,and I dove in. At the same time I found very positive and uplifting meditations of Abraham Hicks, a channeled entity who has over 1k videos, all free, on YouTube and teaches that JOY is our natural inheritance. Only Thich Naht Hahn who I got to spend off-season time with in France, told us to only mediate if we can smile.

Traditional Assumptions that May be Wrong

Many meditation teachers all assume we feel and know our true natural goodness. But especially in the West where severe trauma is rampant, students often absolutely feel no sense of self nor sense of right to live. This is no joke. An old story that made the rounds tells of the Dali Lama being amazed that there might be such a thing as low self esteem. I decided I would allow myself to move towards life affirming teachers and I am totally pleased I have. Since my 40 days of mantras, I wrote a book and began this blog after feeling all my life I was not an artist I now feel I am. I feel I have found my calling and that is to inspire. So let’s go.

Meditation Invades The Schools

You can find many videos on You Tube about this phenomenon. I like this one as it speaks to skeptics about it being a method of control. GET THIS CLEARLY: Meditation and the mindfulness that emerges are about self control and mind training, not religion nor control by others although corrupt teachers have taken advantage of students (and I have true stories I can tell). Enjoy this very well done overview.

Active Meditations

There are a great many meditations that quiet the mind through movement. We are all aware of yoga. Whirling is one I have done and it is amazing. It is from the Sufi Tradition of Islam.

Voice: Chanting and Mantras

I developed my mantra practice based on a combination of several traditions, and doing the mantra 108 times as is traditional in several religions. Lest Christians feel left out here, realize that many Christians practice especially Buddhist mediation, which often includes chanting. Thomas Merton was probably one of the most famous Catholics to explore meditation. It is common to meet nuns at retreats and my last Zen group had an Episcopal minister as a member; we met in his church. I say all this because I am about to post one of my most favorite chants, by Epic Choir. I can find no information on them but they look Christian to me! Enjoy!

Into Real Cellular Evidence of Natural Healing: Epigenetics

As I have mentioned, almost all geneticists are now epigeneticists as it is verifiable that cellular healing and harm impact dna. When we choose non-gmo dairy free, folic acid free, fresh foods, low or no carbohydrate, and meditate to reduce stress we are epigenetically impacting our cells. Two leaders in the field are both MDs of high standing: Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza. You can meet with both on Face Book. Here is a brief Lipton talk:


What Is the Molecular Signature of Mind–Body Interventions? A Systematic Review of Gene Expression Changes Induced by Meditation and Related Practices

A Final Active Meditation: Divine Dialogue

I cannot end this post without mentioning the practice of sacred dialogue. The author of The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram, told me personally to always speak as if in prayer. Whenever any of nature catches your awe, you are being contacted by the greater field of consciousness in my view. My mentor, John Heron, and his partner Peter Reason developed practices based on a Participatory Paradigm.

Here are Reason’s paper’s on the participatory Inquiry paradigm and John Heron’s Co-operative Inquiry.  I used to have a short and sweet paper explaining it but have lost track. Heron’s Feeling and Personhood: Psychology in Another Key has face to face practices in each chapter. And perhaps the originator of the concept of sacred dialogue is Martin Buber. His I and Thou changed my life and I suggest it is one of the best natural anti-depressants you will find.

I hope that this has demonstrated two things: that healing can occur through meditation and that much of what you have learned here is free or inexpensive. Contact me,  with questions.